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About SunLight Ink Children's Series

The SunLight Ink Children’s series brings a range of books for our being.


Each book offers a beauty--full message that, when lived, builds a foundation within each person that supports a sense of well-being and ease in navigating and being part of everyday life.


We are living in a world that does not always support us to live who we truly are but encourages a way of living that has people attempting to fit in, conform and put aside the sweet, sensitive, tender and beauty-full essence that is innate and within us all.

The SunLight Ink Children’s series brings a range of books for our being.

The SunLight Ink Children’s book series was founded based on the clinical work of Tanya Curtis.


Tanya often shares that this series of books is designed to make her role as a Behaviour Specialist redundant.


What does she mean? If children of all ages (0 to 100+) grew up with the foundational principles as presented in these books, then they would grow into teenagers, adults and elders who have –

  • A strong sense of well-being

  • Quality self-worth

  • High esteem

  • Reduced to nil anxiety

  • Quality mental wellness

  • Wanted or preferred behaviours

  • An increased sense of commitment and feeling equipped to respond to life and all that life presents


The SunLight Ink Children’s Series includes:

Book 1 — I Am Beauty-Full Just for Being Me
Book 2 — I Am Beauty-Full Just for Being Me (Colouring Book)

Book 3 — My Number 1 Job
Book 4 — Whoops! ... Is One of My Favourite Words

SunLight Songs for Children 0 to 100+

Whoops! Poster

Book 1: I Am Beauty-Full Just for Being Me

We are ALL Beauty-Full inside


A powerful message for children to learn early in life that nothing we do nor the way we look determines our beauty, as our TRUE BEAUTY was already there at our birth and will be in us forever, no matter what our life challenges are. Our true beauty comes from our innermost and is not based on what the world judges. This message shared will support children of all ages, colour and origin (including all adults) to accept themselves just for BEING them!


Imagine a world filled with people living in the knowing of their TRUE INNER BEAUTY – knowing they are beauty-full just for being them.


Also available in Dutch in eBook format


Book 2: I Am Beauty-Full Just for Being Me (Colouring Book)

For all artists we offer this book also as a ‘colouring’ book.


As each page is uniquely designed by each person, they can bring close attention to the messages … a great point of insight and discussion, allowing each message to be explored more deeply during the colouring process.


Book 3: My No. 1 Job

We all have many jobs to do — keep our room clean, go to school, do our work, tidy up, feed the pets, etc. But which one is our most important job? This book introduces that we all have many important jobs to do … but … we ALL have one very important job — our number 1 job. And what is our number 1 job?


This book explores the value and practicalities of loving our self in the knowing that, when we learn to love ourselves first, we can then truly offer love and support to other people.

Once we do our Number 1 Job, all our other jobs can be done willingly and joyfully.

But first — we must complete our Number 1 Job.


Book 4: Whoops! ... Is One of My Favourite Words

Defeating perfectionism – so it won’t defeat us!


Making mistakes, being corrected, being told you’re wrong, losing … these are common triggers for increased anxiety and unwanted behaviour. Why? Simply because we forget we are ‘human beings’ and not ‘human doings’ – we think we are worthy based on what we ‘do’ and feel bad when what we ‘do’ is criticised or corrected.


The messages in this book share with children of all ages (0 to 100+) that we are all already perfect just for being us. We learn that what we do will sometimes be perfect and sometimes not – and that every mistake we make is simply a learning opportunity! Our doing might not always be perfect, but OUR BEING WILL ALWAYS BE PERFECT.


CD: SunLight Songs for Children 0 -100+

Based on the messages from the SunLight Ink Children’s books and other supportive material, this CD brings 10 beauty-full songs that support children 0 to 100+ to build a foundation for their well-being.


This CD ushers in a world of joy in children’s music with songs that inspire kids and adults alike to be all they are — their true self.


Light, engaging and easy to sing, they support children of all ages to express with ease, know how beauty-full they are and offer a foundation to experience that whoever and wherever they are — they shine!


From ‘How Precious I am’ to ‘Whoops is one of my favourite words’ and ‘I am Beauty-full for Being Me’ — every song supports children and us all in confidence and awareness.

Poster: Whoops! Poster





This A4 poster is designed to support children and people of all ages to defeat the pressures of perfectionism by embracing the power of the word ‘whoops’.