Giving Back to the Community

Fabic Publishing is dedicated to supporting those who may otherwise not have access to the high quality publications on offer.


Fabic Publishing has a program called ‘giving back to our community’ where, over the last few years, people have offered contributions to support close to 10,000 books to be sent to Papua New Guinea as well as other books being donated to local groups on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Thanks to a Gold Coast grandmother, Fabic Publishing was introduced to Books 4 PNG (, an organisation that is dedicated and committed to collecting and shipping books to PNG to aid the literacy program that supports children, teenagers and adults to learn how to read and write.


Please see the link below with photos showing the books being shared across different parts of Papua New Guinea.

If you are interested in supporting more books to be sent to PNG, the local community and other groups in need, you can contact Fabic Publishing director Tanya Curtis or make an anonymous donation to:


Fabic Publishing

BSB: 034 610

ACC: 360 199



  • Please add ‘GiveBack’ in the description so that all contributions of this nature will go to the ‘Giving Back to Our Community’ program

  • If you have a specific group you would like the books to go to, please email with your request. All contributions will cover the cost of book production and no profits are made from the ‘Giving Back to Our Community’ program.