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FABIC Posters


FABIC Poster Pack

53 single posters supporting the integration of the FABIC Body Life Skills program into the everyday settings of home, school, workplace – anywhere and everywhere.

This poster book provides a collection of valuable reminder messages from the Body Life Skills program. It offers foundational principles that support the development of increased well-being and the potential for improved mental wellness with decreased use of behaviours that don’t support a person to live and reach their full potential. They can be simply read in the book or displayed in relevant settings.

Available as: single posters size A4 and A3

All 53 posters incl. in an A4 size booklet


  • I Am An Awesome, Amazing And Lovable Being

  • You And I Will Always Be Amazing

  • Behaviour Is Not Who You Are… It Is What You Do

  • The Body Life Skills Cycle

  • The Body Life Skills Program

  • Behaviour/Anxiety Scale With Faces

  • Behaviour/Anxiety Scale Without Faces

  • Behaviour/Anxiety Scale – A Visual Description

  • Behaviour Scale Example 1: John

  • Behaviour Scale Example 2: Mary

  • I Choose Chart

  • I Choose Chart – A Visual Description

  • Behaviour Rating Scale

  • Principles For Understanding Behaviour

  • Principles For Changing Behaviour

  • Sequence Of Behaviours

  • Common Challenges For A Person With An Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Rules, Pictures And Smashed Pictures

  • Fingers ,Toes, Nose, Heart

  • Stop, Breathe, Squeeze, Communicate, Skills

  • Everything Is Energy

  • Acknowledge Vs. Ignore And Bury

  • Can I Change This Life Situation?

  • Planning And Organisation

  • Voice Volume

  • Understanding And Judgment Cannot Exist Together

  • All Unwanted And Non-Preferred Behaviour Is Preceded By Anxiety

  • Every Single Person Is An Awesome, Amazing, Lovable Being

  • Choosing And Being Responsible

  • Practising And Making Mistakes

  • Our Number 1 Job

  • Parenting Tips

  • Lasting Behaviour Change Is Not A Quick Fix

  • Social Skills: Abstract Vs. Concrete Words

  • Social Skills: Questions & Answers

  • Social Skills: Intended Vs. Interpreted Messages

  • Social Skills: 50:50

  • Social Skills: When I Say Hello

  • Social Skills: When I Say Goodbye

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