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About the Fabic Journals of Lasting Behaviour Change

Fabic Journal of Lasting Behaviour Change

The Fabic Journals of Lasting Behaviour Change offer an ever-growing range of academic-style journals showcasing clinical approaches that bring about lasting behaviour change.

At Fabic we have had the privilege of working with clients who have often reported that 'they have been everywhere else’, coming to Fabic all but having completely given up — and yet there is still a glimmer of hope as they turn up for their appointment. The unique methodology offered at Fabic supports people from all walks of life to bring lasting behaviour change to their lives when other attempts have failed.

The Fabic Journals of Lasting Behaviour Change offer a documentation of cases where lasting behaviour change has been achieved with a range of clients from all ages, demographics, genders – whether with or without a diagnosis.

Note: Articles do not carry any identifying information as all details have been changed in consideration of client confidentiality.

Current Journal:

Understanding the root cause of eating disorders and applying the principles of functional behaviour assessment in a clinical setting

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