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FABIC PUBLISHING - Tanya Curtis, Behaviour Specialist

FABIC Publishing is dedicated to the publishing and distribution of products about lasting behaviour change that assist and support all to live and reach their true and full potential.


All material published is authored by Senior Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis or collated in cooperation with a dedicated team who are committed to bringing the depth of understanding to human behaviour that supports lasting behaviour change.

Our commitment is to offer what is needed to support humanity to develop the foundations for understanding their own and/or other people’s behaviour and support well beyond short-term solutions when it comes to behaviour change.


We understand that lasting behaviour change is not the norm for all those in society who choose to embark on their journey of understanding and implementing any kind of behaviour change.


FABIC Publishing brings a series of publications that support all who are ready: 

  1. To build a foundation that supports people to feel safe to be themselves in the world and facilitates an environment to explore lasting behaviour change

  2. To develop an understanding of behaviours used by self and any other person

  3. To develop means to support bringing lasting behaviour change for self and all others


In consideration of the above foundations, FABIC PUBLISHING brings to you:


FABIC Publishing is also dedicated to supporting those who may otherwise not have access to the high-quality publications on offer. We have a program called ‘giving back to our community’. Over the last few years, people have offered contributions to support delivery of close to 10,000 books to Papua New Guinea as well as other books being donated to local groups on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Watch these videos to learn more about
Senior Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis and how she works
in the clinical setting ... and what FABIC Publishing is about.

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