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Explore Fabic.Study and discover a growing library of eLearning resources for professionals, carers and educators.

Self-paced eLearning with Tanya Curtis, industry-leading behaviour change specialist

Are you interested in learning about changing unwanted or non-preferred behaviour and making lasting behaviour change? Do you support others or do you want to make behaviour changes yourself?


These courses are founded on the highly successful FABIC Body Life Skills program. So much more than just theory, it is a living model designed to equip you and your family, workplace, organisation, school or group with the skills to master lasting behaviour change principles and put them into daily practice.

Work at your own pace and learn the Body Life Skills program with renowned Senior Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis by visiting

Short courses and studies

Course Thumbnails-no fades_BLS Short Course.jpg

Short Course - An Introduction to the Body Life Skills Program

Course Thumbnails-no fades_BLS Certificate Course.png

Fabic Certificate of Behaviour Studies using the Body Life Skills Program

Course Thumbnails-no fades_Certificate of Building Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change.jpg

Fabic Certificate of Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change

Course Thumbnails-no fades_Certificate of Fabic’s Functional Behaviour Assessment - a prac

Fabic Certificate of Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) - A Practical Application

Course Thumbnails-no fades_Certificate of Autism studies.jpg

Fabic Certificate of Autism Studies

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