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I Choose Chart Posters


FABIC I Choose Chart Pack

Life is filled with endless LIFE lessons, every minute of every day. Whether we respond (option 1) or react (option 2) will determine how we experience the next moment in life (i.e., feeling settled or further reaction).


I Choose Charts can be used as a teaching and/or learning tool to support people to navigate their own unique classroom of life.

The whole series of completed FABIC I Choose Charts is also available as a booklet, covering many aspects of life for people of all ages and with different life experiences. The simplicity of the FABIC I Choose Chart supports us all to know that it is never life itself that determines whether we are at code blue, green, yellow, orange or red; rather, it is whether we choose to respond or react to life. A more detailed explanation can be found in the Body Life Skills Program books and the BLS App.

Available in A4 as a 'I Choose Chart Collection' booklet

As single pages in A4, A3 (and A1 on special request)

List of available I Choose Charts

  • When I Am Teaching Or Learning New Behaviours

  • When People Use Non-Preferred Behaviours

  • Taking Responsibility Vs Blame And Victim

  • Self-Love Vs Self-Harm

  • How I Treat My Body

  • When Something Hurts And I Am Feeling Emotional

  • When I Feel Disappointed

  • When I Am Higher Than Code Blue

  • When Something Is Difficult Or I Am Anxious About Trying Something New

  • When I Find Something Difficult

  • When Making A Mistake

  • When I Am Corrected

  • When I Think People Are Laughing At Me

  • When Other People Make Mistakes

  • When I Think About The Future

  • When I Don’t Have All The Facts

  • The Way I Treat Other People

  • When I Spend Time With Other People

  • When I Spend Time With Other People (50:50)

  • Spending Time With Friends

  • When I Feel Rejected

  • When People Make Judgmental Comments About Me

  • When Other People Use Behaviours I Don’t Like

  • When Other People Break Rules Or Do Something I Don’t Like

  • When I Am Going Somewhere For The First Time

  • When People Say Or Do Something I Do Not Agree With

  • When Other People Are Teasing Or Bullying Me

  • When People Say ‘No’ To My Request

  • When I Win

  • When I Lose

  • When I Am Sitting At My Desk

  • When I Want To Touch Something

  • When Other People Are Talking

  • When I Want To Send A Message That I Am Listening

  • Foundations Of Lasting Behaviour Change

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