Book 1: Introducing the Body Life Skills Program

3 Steps to Understanding and Changing Behaviour


The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change.


Individuals, families and industries related to challenging and/or unwanted behaviour, mental health and psychological well-being are reporting a steady and ever-worsening increase in statistics. This is concerning and suggests the current and traditional approach is clearly not working.


The Body Life Skills program presents a series of books that will revolutionise behaviour change, psychological well-being and mental health for all those ready and willing to take an honest look at the current approach and appreciate that we need another way. 


The Body Life Skills program, when implemented successfully, brings about positive and lasting change for individuals, families, groups, organisations and government departments, even and especially in cases where all other interventions and attempts have failed.

Book 2: Understanding Life & Our Behaviour Choices

Book 2 brings a solid focus and foundation for Step 2 of the Body Life Skills program


This book supports readers to come to an understanding of life and more so an understanding of how life impacts on all our behaviour choices – a crucial step when we are serious about bringing and supporting lasting behaviour change for ourselves and all others.

Book 3: Practical Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change

This book offers a way forward to bring about Lasting Behaviour Change

Have you ever wanted or even tried to change your own behaviour or the behaviour of other people? No doubt the answer is yes. Have your attempts at behaviour change been successful in the short term as well as the long term? All too frequently the answer is no. Our society is filled with an array of behaviour change models that all fall under the category of management, relief and solution-based strategies; and herein is the error. It is these strategies that are failing our society and all of us as they, at the very best, offer short-term behaviour modifications but rarely LASTING behaviour change.


When observing what is going on daily, you will see behaviour challenges in the areas of education, mental health, justice, disability and that societal life as a whole is getting worse. This does not make sense in a world where there are more resources than ever before … unless of course, our current resources are not truly supporting.


The Body Life Skills program embraces that lasting change is our way forward if we are to bring true change to the quality of the life of individuals, families, workplaces and society as a whole. This third book in the Body Life Skills series introduces simple, practical and effective ways that support lasting behaviour change in both a personal and professional capacity.

Book 4: Understanding and Working with Autism Spectrum Disorder via the Body Life Skills Program

A down to earth practical book offering a means of truly understanding those with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Having worked in the field of autism since 2002, Tanya Curtis has an endless library of wealth that supports individuals, family members, friends, carers, support workers and professionals to develop an in-depth understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. With this understanding, Tanya has supported countless people across all environments to bring lasting behaviour change to not just themselves but another/others alike.


This book will explore down to earth practical means of bringing understanding and lasting behaviour change to not only the person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder but also those sharing their life with them in any capacity whatsoever, whether that be as children, parents, clients, students, colleagues, partners, family members and/or friends.

Suitable for those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and those without; after all, we are ALL the same.

Book 5: Using the Body Life Skills Program to Increase Successful Social Connections and Relationships for People of All Ages

All too frequently we experience ourselves or notice others having a difficult time with social interactions, interpersonal connections and relationships 


Whether it be a two-year-old struggling in the sandpit at daycare, a school-aged child getting upset in the playground, a teenager becoming confused by what their parents present or a middle-aged person struggling in their relationships with a partner, colleagues, children or anyone for that matter – the fact remains that we are ALL with people on a regular basis.


People are after all a big part of life and at times and often all too frequently we find our time spent with them confusing if not challenging, no matter our age.


This book will explore many of the details of ‘being with people’ that we all find challenging and bring understanding to how we let others impact on how we are and interact with them; with this understanding we can then bring about lasting behaviour change – increasing the quality of relationships that we have or will have with all people we share our life with.

Other topics that will be covered in time – watch this space


 Addictions and Behavioural Disorders


Do addictions, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and other so-called behavioural disorders truly exist as the root cause or are they symptoms and natural consequences of how we are living life?


This book will explore the above question and more in depth by using the Body Life Skills program to bring lasting behaviour change. This allows a person to no longer be defined by their diagnosis or symptom/s, rather freeing them from the label they have been associated with and in many cases identified by.

 Life Skills Developer – Changing the Face of Disability Support Work


Using the Body Life Skills program to increase a sense of purpose, commitment to life and overall well-being for those with symptoms associated with disability. The field of behaviour change talks about support workers and carers, but what if the title was changed to ‘life skills developers’? What if a support worker’s role was to make their role redundant rather than patch up, fix short-term and burn out?


All and more will be explained in detail in this book.

 Understanding Disability


Using the Body Life Skills program to bring understanding to the field of disability.

 Understanding Mental Illness and Mental Health


Using the Body Life Skills program to bring understanding to the field of mental health.

About the Body Life Skills Program


The Body Life Skills program is a very simple three-step approach that not only brings an understanding to life, but more so to our behaviours within life. The Body Life Skills program is based on the evidence-based principles of Functional Behaviour Assessment.


The Body Life Skills program offers a way forward that replaces management and relief-based strategies, which at best offer short-term behaviour modifications, with a model that facilitates and supports LASTING BEHAVIOUR CHANGE.


The Body Life Skills program allows us to take a step back to observe and see that every behaviour happens for a reason and that ultimately, the reason for behaviour (i.e. the function of behaviour) is of far greater importance than what the behaviour looks like (i.e. the form of behaviour).


The Body Life Skills Program is based on the following foundational principles:

  1. All unwanted behaviour happens for a reason

  2. Unwanted behaviour is typically preceded by anxiety

  3. Anxiety is the end result of the symptoms that occur from the BODY when a person is in a part of LIFE they perceive they do not yet have the required SKILLS to respond to.


Thus, the Body Life Skills program understands that:

When people perceive they have the required skills to respond to life, their body will be free of anxiety and thus experience wanted or preferred behaviours, words, thoughts and feelings.


This program is for everyone, young and old, and offers an opportunity to see that we are not at the mercy of our unwanted or non-preferred behaviours when we bring a deeper understanding to ourselves and others around us; rather, we become the masters of our own behaviour choices and all that life presents.

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