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Whoops! ... Is One of My Favourite Words (Picture Book)

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Book 3 of the Sunlight Ink Children's Series

Defeating perfectionism so it won’t defeat us!

Making mistakes, being corrected, being told you’re wrong, losing ... these are common triggers for increased anxiety and unwanted behaviour.


Simply because we forgot we are ‘human beings’ and not ‘human doings’. We think we are worthy based on what we ‘do’ and feel criticised when what we ‘do’ is critiqued! The messages in this book share that we are all already perfect just for being us. We learn that what we do will sometimes be perfect and sometimes not – and that every mistake we make is simply a learning opportunity!

Imagine a world that is filled with all people living in the knowing of their true inner beauty – the perfection we ALL already are.

Written by Fabic founder Tanya Curtis and Co

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