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The Body Life Skills Program: Book 3

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ISBN: 9780648380900
Brand: Body Life Skills Series
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Book 3: Practical Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change

Replacing Management, Relief and Short-Term Solutions with Lasting Behaviour Change

Have you ever wanted, or even tried to change your own behaviour or the behaviour of other people? No doubt the answer is yes. Have your attempts at behaviour change been successful in the short-term as well as the long-term? All too frequently the answer is no. Our society is filled with an array of behaviour change strategies that all fall under the category of management, relief and solution-based strategies; and herein lays the error. It is these strategies that are failing our society as a whole as at the very best, they offer short-term behaviour change, but rarely LASTING change.

When observing what is going on on a daily basis, you will see behaviour challenges in the areas of education, mental health, justice, disability and that society as a whole is getting worse. This does not make sense in a world where there are more resources than ever before … unless of course, our current resources are not truly supporting.

The Body Life Skills program embraces that lasting change is our way forward if we are to bring true change to the quality of the life of individuals, families, workplaces and society as a whole. This third book in the Body Life Skills series introduces simple, practical and effective ways that will support lasting behaviour change in both a personal and professional capacity.

This book offers a way forward to bring about: Lasting Behaviour Change

The Body Life Skills program is suitable for anyone ready to truly understand and change unwanted behaviour used by self or any other person right across and including Government Agencies – Organisations – Professionals – Families – Individuals.

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