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Sometimes what I do is thumbs up. Sometimes what I do is thumbs down (Poster)

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This poster comes in A4 size only.

This poster from Fabic Publishing is designed to show us that what we do is sometimes thumbs up and other times it is thumbs down. But, when we are who we truly are and bring our essence, we are always thumbs up.

A lot of people think that what they do always has to be thumbs up and when it isn't, they might feel bad, get angry and let it out on others. But being perfect is impossible; we all make mistakes but when we ask ourselves, "What can I learn here?" we can all learn and grow.

This poster reminds us that our doing is important and that mistakes need to be corrected, but more important than our doing is always our being and that's when we can say that "me being me and you being you" is always thumbs up.

Based on the Sunlight Ink book Whoops! ... Is One of My Favourite Words.

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