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Fabic Methodology Introduction Pack

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designed by Tanya Curtis

Pack Includes:

1. The Body Life Skills Program: Book 1 — Introducing The Body Life Skills Program

3 steps to understanding and changing behaviour.

The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change. The Body Life Skills program is suitable for anyone ready to truly understand and change unwanted behaviour used by self or any other person right across and including Government Agencies – Organisations – Professionals – Families – Individuals.

Book 1 introduces the program, laying out its foundations and core principles and offering a simple but equally comprehrensive insight into how lasting behaviour change can be achieved in everyday life.

For more information about the Body Life Skills program, please visit

2. A Fabic DVD of Choice

Offering a deeper insight and understanding behind our behaviour.

Choice of:

  • An Introduction to Understanding & Changing BehaviourThe information on this DVD supports people learning how to take responsibility for their own behaviours, which in turn can influence behaviour change in other people. Useful in supporting consistency of understanding’ and ‘language’ in homes, workplaces & community.
  • Understanding Bullying This presentation is aimed at equipping people with the tools to better understand bullying behaviours and gain a sense of responsibility over their own life by learning to understand themselves, their own behaviour choices and their part in bullying incidents.
  • An Introduction to Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder This DVD is a valuable resource for those supporting individuals who fall under the Autism Spectrum. The various tools and insights presented are also relevant to a person with high functioning ASD who is looking to understand and change their own behaviour.

3. Set of Fabic Posters to support Understanding and Changing Behaviour

Supporting the application of true and lasting behaviour change.


  • Behaviour/Anxiety Scale - A Visual DepictionThis scale offers a cohesive and simple approach and brings a concrete terminology to describe the first two steps of the Body Life Skills program: Body and Life. This Chart serves as a form of communication, an assessment tool and an indicator of when to implement behaviour change.
  • I Choose Chart - A Visual Description The I Choose Chart offers a simple and concrete terminology to describe the third and final step of the Body Life Skills program: Skills. The I Choose Chart offers a means for all of us to learn, develop and replace our previous reactions (option two behaviours) with new preferred responses (option one behaviours).
  • The Body Life Skills Program The Fabic methodology is based on a very simple 3 step process to behaviour change that is based on understanding and changing unwanted behaviour. This simple process when applied effectively will support effective behaviour change in all people.
  • I Am an Awesome, Amazing and Lovable Being The message in this poster is a core principal in which the Fabic methodology is based on. If people were taught this message from the day they were born there would be a lot less use of unwanted behaviours as people would feel more complete just for being them.
  • You And I Will Always Be Amazing Parents and teachers have given these to their children, students and themselves as a simple reminder that at the core, each and every person is the same … a foundational message for everyone.
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