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Every single person has the same job (Poster)

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Brand: Fabic Publishing

This poster comes in A4 size only.

This poster from Sunlight Ink supports all people, regardless of where in the world they live or what they do, to do their Number 1 Job which is to love themselves.

Many people carry the belief that there are more important jobs to do, but when we don't love ourselves first, all our tasks and jobs get negatively affected and we might not even want to attend to them at all but choose to give up, throw in the towel and withdraw from life and other people.

This poster reminds us that everybody in the big wide world, and that includes our friends, brothers and sisters, our teachers and parents – absolutely everybody – has to do their Number 1 Job first and that is to love themselves.

Based on the Sunlight Ink book My Number 1 Job

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