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Embracing my life lessons (Picture book)

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Also available as an eBook on Apple Books and Google Play Store

Book 7 of the Sunlight Ink Children’s Series

We ALL live in a forever expanding classroom of life and with an endless supply of lessons on offer for all.

We may have life lessons like:
  • Hearing the word ‘no’
  • Losing or winning
  • Not personalising rejection
  • Expressing what you truly feel all of the time
  • Not using controlling behaviours
  • Not allowing self to be controlled
  • How to be in relationship
  • How to be with family
  • How to be at school and work
  • Committing to life in full and not withdrawing
  • Receiving corrections on what you do
  • Understanding people
  • Knowing when to say goodbye
  • Making mistakes
  • Learning how to respond to all the smashed pictures
  • And more and more and more …
Sometimes our life lessons feel overwhelming and other times they feel simple. Sometimes we like to delay our life lessons for another time and sometimes we like to embrace our life lessons as they occur. What if – we lived embracing that we are all forever students in this classroom of life, willing to embrace whatever life lessons come our way – every second of every day.
Written by Fabic founder Tanya Curtis and Co.
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