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Are you being your puzzle piece in your family? (Poster)

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Brand: Fabic Publishing

This poster comes in A4 size only.

This poster from Fabic Publishing is designed to support us all to be who we truly are, to be and bring our essence in full in our family – big, small or worldwide.

Many people believe that it doesn't matter how they are at home and that it is okay to take a break from being who they truly are in their essence and shining their light in their family. But how is the big world puzzle, consisting of seven+ billion people, ever going to come together when we slack off at home?

This poster reminds us that our essence always shines brightly and that our family is but a mini version of the big wide world. And thus, it is our job to be and bring our essence and be the unique puzzle piece only we can be in our family and everywhere.

Based on the Sunlight Ink book Are you being the unique puzzle piece you are here to be?

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