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3 Sunlight Ink Picture Books of Choice

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Your choice of 3 books from the Sunlight Ink Children’s Series

The Sunlight Ink Children’s series includes seven books, all with unique messages for children 0 to 100+ that will support all to live and reach their full potential

Each book has a collection of stand-alone messages that, when embraced and lived, lay a foundation that supports the quality of life and well-being for all equally. Each message, when lived, will result in an increase in mental-wellness and thus decreased use of non-preferred behaviour(s)

Choose between 3 books of this series is to support you and all to live your Number 1 Job, embrace your life lessons, live the beauty-full essence that is innate within all and thus be the unique puzzle piece that you and all are here to live and be. Enjoy the offering on each.

Written by Fabic founder Tanya Curtis and Co

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