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The Body Life Skills Program
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Fabic FaceBook Page
Fabic's YouTube Channel
Fabic Behaviour Change App

For further information on programs that have brought Fabic Publishing to you:


Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre
About the Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre, the clinic that provided and continues to provide the practical opportunity and everyday client-based experience for all Fabic Publishing books and publications.


The Body Life Skills program
A simple and powerful program supporting true and lasting behaviour change for everyone.


About Tanya Curtis
Tanya's personal website provides an overview of the many community and business initiatives that she is dedicated to.


Fabic Facebook
The main Fabic Facebook page is where you can stay up to date with the latest news about Fabic, including upcoming events and newly released products and publications.


Fabic YouTube
An amazing hub with over 100 videos on a range of different aspects and topics related to behaviour change.


Fabic App
An amazing tool which supports the practical application of The Body Life Skills program into one's life, be it in the home, at work, at school or any other setting or circumstance.

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