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It is with great joy that we introduce the new range of Fabic e-books available for purchase around the world on Apple Books and Google Play Store.

Fabic has an ever expanded array of fabulous and very supportive books and  packages which greatly benefit everyone but with the limitations and costs of shipping globally has been difficult and costly to distribute them outside of Australia.

The new range of eBooks will enable every to easily have access to this fantastic content no matter where you are located in the world. Payment is simple and there are no wait times as you will have instant access to the material you purchase.


It is likely these books will be distributed on other stores or places of electronic purchase and access sometime in the future. For now you can access them on Google Play or Apple Books.

NOTE: Apple Books requires you to have an Apple account and Apple device to view the book on. If you do not have an Apple device it is recommended you access the books via the Google Play Store instead which is much more accessible across different devices.


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