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About Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis comes with a wealth of clinical experience, academic qualifications and innate wisdom in the fields of Behaviour Change, Mental Health, Disability and Education.


Tanya is a renowned Behaviour Specialist and Counsellor who has come to be known by many as the one who ‘gets results in cases where all else has failed’.


Tanya offers her services in the following areas:

    - Clinical services
     Via web worldwide and face-to-face in her local clinical settings

    - Presenter
     Supporting organisations and groups to increase their skills with understanding      and implementing lasting behaviour change

    - Author
     A series of publications for adults and children that explain and facilitate

     lasting behaviour change

    - App Developer
     Offering an app that supports the integration of the Body Life Skills program

     into everyone’s natural everyday environment

    - Product Developer
     Offering a range of posters, bookmarks, charts and other products that

     make the integration of understanding and changing behaviour in a wide

     range of normal day to day situations simple, fun and practical

About Tanya Curtis', Director and Founder of Fabic Publishing

Tanya Curtis is the founder and managing director of:

    Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre

    Fabic Publishing


Tanya obtained her Master’s of Behaviour Management, Master’s of Counselling, Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management) and an Associate Diploma of Education.


Having founded Fabic, a national Behaviour Specialist Multidisciplinary Centre in 2006, she is highly renowned for supporting individuals, families, schools, businesses and organisations to bring understanding and lasting behaviour change to their own and other people’s lives, often supporting in cases where people have all but given up.


All publications by Fabic Publishing and Tanya are based not only on her extensive training but on the wealth and depth of her clinical, personal, professional and academic experience over the many years she has served individuals from all walks of life and the community at large.


Tanya holds as a foundation that behaviour is what people do and not who they are; thus, she knows that at the core of each and every person is an awesome, amazing, lovable being notwithstanding the fact that some behaviours may certainly benefit from adjustment.


Tanya Curtis brings to you the Body Life Skills program, a program that is set to revolutionise the conventional approach to behaviour change and replaces management and relief-based strategies with the opportunity for ‘lasting behaviour change’.


Tanya knows that life is about ‘giving back’ and thus has a strong dedication to giving back to the community; she is committed to offering presentations to local community initiatives and coordinating the collection of resources for Fabic Publishing books to be sent to Books4PNG and groups on the Gold Coast.


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The Body Life Skills program:

Tanya Curtis:

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